Drawing Competition - International Cat Day 8th August 2023 - Themed "Pawsome Adventures" 

  • International Cat Day 2023
  • Winners_under7
  • Winners_7-10
  • Winners_11-14
  • Winners_15-18
  • Winners_Sponsors
  • under 7y: Aayah Binth Abdulla Adnan (3y)
  • under 7y: Jule Faisal Abdullah (5y)
  • under 7y: Ammaar Bin Arif Aboobakuru (6y)
  • 7-10y: Aishath Umnia Adam (7y)
  • 7-10y: Aaisha Liana Mohamed Shamuoon (8y)
  • 7-10y: Risl Faisal Abdullah (8y)
  • 7-10y: Khadheeja Yashfeen (9y)
  • 11-14y: Aishath Sasha Ameen (11y)
  • 11-14y: Hawwa Eashal (13y)

The voting has closed on 14th August 2023 - 00:01 

Best Art: Category "under 7years"

  Aayah Binth Abdulla Adnan (3y)   Jule Faisal Abdullah (5y)   Ammaar Bin Arif Aboobakuru (6y)

Best Art: Category "7 - 10 years"

  Aishath Umnia Adam (7y)   Aaisha Liana Mohamed Shamuoon (8y)   Risl Faisal Abdullah (8y)   Khadheeja Yashfeen (9y)

Best Art: Category "11 - 14 years"

  Mariyam Misheyl Lufshan (11y)   Aishath Sasha Ameen (11y)   Hawwa Eashal (13y)

Best Art: Category "15 - 18 years"

  Aminath Shaima (15y)   Sayyaaf Maaish (18y)

Fundraiser by the DiveClub Weinviertel

May 2023: The latest excursion by the TauchClub Weinviertel was a fundraiser for our project! 155 Euros were donated by the Adventure Park Gänserndorf for the street cats of Maldives! 

Clean-up of Community Cat living spaces

On Friday morning, 17th February 2023, the cat-aholics went out to clean the "Hammer Gym" area, which is the parking lot next to King Salman Mosque in Male'. We collected four bags of large trash bags, full of (human) waste, mostly paper cups, plastic bottles and energy drink cans. The community cats were fed, given treats and got anti-flea spot-on treatment.

Information session about Animal protection in Hulhumale'

16th Jan 2023: A special information session was given to HDC Hulhumale' about the street cat problem, the #MaldivesStreetCatFund and how TNR can solve the problem of overpopulation. 

Fundraiser in Austria

In December 2023, we conducted two fundraisers in Austria. One at the annual Swimsol team event in Vienna, and the other one at the Year-End-Party of the Dive Club Weinviertel in Lower Austria. Both together brought us in 421 EUR for the Maldivian street cats! During the Dive event party, a presentation was held by marine biologist Verena about the status of animal protection in the Maldives.

Fundraiser with OGAA - Hulhumale'

11th Nov 2022: OGAA Maldives sells handcrafted, wholesome premium bath and body products and we are so lucky that they are cat lovers, too! Together we did a fundraiser at a BML event in Hulhumale in November 2022 - raised 4000 MVR for the #MaldivesStreetCatFund

Art Contest 2022

On the occasion of International Cat Day - 8th August - we held an Art competition themed "Street Cats in Maldives" for everyone under 18 years. Kids and teens participated in 4 categories: 

  • under 7 years
  • 7 to 10 years
  • 11 to 14 years and 
  • 15 to 18 years of age

Sponsors donated a wide array of cat food, treats, toys and accessories worth 7000 MVR! 

Every first and second winner of each category was awarded with a cat-gift pack!

  • 7 and under
  • 7 - 10
  • 11 - 14
  • 15 - 18
  • Sponsors
  • Prizes

Finland School Project

23rd Aug 2022: Students of the Finland International School, Male', set up a sample business project from which they received some revenue from selling items... and decided to donate 80% of this to our #MaldivesStreetCatFund - 8672 MVR! This was an overwhelming surprise for the fund!

Cat Adoption Programme

People in Maldives who have to give up their beloved pet for adoption now find a Facebook-platform to do so. The group rules show the necessary information that needs to be provided for each cat.