Too much s*x on Maldives' streets

Cats. It's all about cats, before you start thinking of Male's redlight area! 

Cat-Teenager pregnancies, litters of 6... 7... 8 newborns. They all live on the streets, in immediate danger of being run over by the next motorbike or being hit by an animal-hater. Malnourished... all of them. A few lucky ones that get food from the local cafés - not cat-appropriate but something to survive. 

Too many neighbours that get "annoyed" by the good people in society that feed cats on the road. "Those cats smell bad" they say.

Once in a while, viral diseases flush through the population and wipe some of the weak ones out. FIP, panleukopenia, FIV - we have it all... it's just that testing has become available only very recently, and we didn't know better before. Some house cats get vaccinated whoever can afford it, but street cats - no!

Then there are those "accidents" that happen in houses because you missed to neuter your cats in time! Bam - a litter of kittens! Some "humans" have the insane idea of putting such newborns, often still with the umbilical cord attached, into a box somewhere on the road. A towel for "comfort" and off they go, hoping that "someone" will take them in, in time. In other words: it's murder, you just don't do it yourself, actively. You let them die, slowly. Chances are close to zero that those kitties will ever become strong, healthy adult cats. 

The only humane solution is: #TNR (trap-neuter-release) - Spaying and neutering! Maldives needs a clinic that does this... only! #Desex them all, to #stopthespread!