Who we are

The Zoophilist Society of Maldives is an association of animal-lovers and volunteers, originated from a large online group Maldivian Cataholics*, created in 2009 with 34,500 members to date. It has become clear over the years that there are people who are ready to spend their time and money on helping street cats - and we wanted to offer a registered platform to do this, to support such actions and to be able to host activities. 

Since November 2021, donations have been collected exclusively for the medical treatment and the relief of pain and suffering of Maldivian street cats: the #MaldivesStreetCatFund was born, and has been transferred to this NGO at the time of inauguration.

Our mission is to compassionately reduce the Maldivian stray cat population; to end the suffering and improve the welfare of abandoned, unwanted and vulnerable stray cats. We are dedicated to working closely with our global project partners to facilitate sterilization, education and welfare programmes to achieve this goal.

Read more about our projects here!

You can email us in English: info@zoophilist-maldives.com or in German: verena.wiesbauer@zoophilist-maldives.com 

We are on Facebook and on Instagram: @zoophilist.maldives

Our professional advisors
Dr. vet. Renate Brezovsky, Animal Clinic Untersiebenbrunn, Austria
Dr. vet. Beatrice Vokoun, Mixed Animal Practice Woergl, Austria
Dr. vet. Katharina Reitl, Zoo Vienna, Austria
Dr. vet. Katharina Perkowitsch, Zoo Vienna, Austria
Dr. vet. Bettina Kladensky, Small animal practice Straßwalchen, Austria
Dr. vet. Natassia Mannina, & Dr. Joanne Ditzel,  Naifaru Juvenile
Dr. vet. Edith (Addu & Taiwan)
Dr. vet. Minnie Liddell, prev. Olive Ridley Project

Our partners and collaborators
Main partner: UrbanCo (Housing Development Corporation)
News: NÖN.at & heute.at 
Donations: Diving Club Weinviertel 
Logistics & donations: Swimsol GmbH Vienna
Donations from sales: Pooshie Books & Purrfectory
Art contest supporters: Hobbyist Maldives, Lenco Aquatics
Media partner: Slowtape Productions
Event partner: MAASD Association (NGO)
Guesthouse partner: Oceana Boutique
Dive & Watersports partner: Maafushi Dive and Watersports


Media & Responsibility
Mag. Verena Wiesbauer | Zoologist, Marine biologist
Strassergasse 20, A-2230 Gänserndorf
Tel: +43699/12066058
Email: verena.wiesbauer@zoophilist-maldives.com

Registered Address
Fathimath Hiyaa 4D, Haveeree Hingun, Male', Maldives

Executive Board (Vorstand)

Chairman: Mohamed Faisal
Vice Chairman: Asim Mohamed Fulhu
Secretary General: Aishath Shihana
Treasurer: Ibrahim Faisal
Dir. of Operations & Foreign Relations: Verena Wiesbauer
Member: Umar Ibrahim
Member: Alyasau Asim
Member: Hassan Sinan 
Member: Mohamed Nabeeh
Member: Abdul Maniu Abdul Samad


The Zoophilist Society of Maldives is registered with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment - Maldives

Special Thanks... There are many people who helped us getting on the way and are still with us!
Audrey & Viper, Shereen & Huney, Dr. Jesa Ken Polinar & Irufaan; Emma & Abbie. PetSmart Maldives offering a 10% donation into the #MaldivesStreetCatFund from vaccines, and offering discount on Stray Cat Treatment. Oases Vet Hospital, offering 10% discount on Stray Cat Treatment. Hobbyist Pet Shop, Lenco Aquatics, Fawz.mv, CatMania, SmartKittyCat, Muxty.mv. Pooshie Books & Purrfectory.mv. Julchen Ahha (vet assistance) & Sabine Zink (TNR), Mag. Annemarie Hurban (start-up, Website)

* © Shaal Jaufar and Nora Nazeer, Facebook group