Hello fellow Animal lovers!

Here's a quick overview of what we are doing as an NGO, and what the plans ahead are.

How it all began...

You might have heard of the #MaldivesStreetCatFund?

The fund came into existence in November 2021, when we realized Maldives has volunteers to take cats to the vet, but no funding for it. So we started collecting donations to help street cats get urgent medical treatment to relieve misery and pain. Check out this video how Maldivian cats benefit from the fund:

treated cats

The next step 

... for the Maldives is to open a Spay & Neuter Animal Rescue Clinic!

Why do we we need this?

Simply because there's lack of safe, readily available and affordable spay and neuter services for cats in the Maldives. On the other hand, we're seeing a high rate (ca 40%) of post-surgery infections, especially in females. There's an uncontrolled population of around 2500-3000 street cats in the Greater Male’ area, resulting in cat killings by people who do not like cats opening garbage bags and defecating on the streets.

Target: We desex 100 cats every month and therefore reduce the street cat population of Maldives in a humane manner. We begin in Hulhumale', move on to Male', Villimale' and further to the local islands and Resorts, starting with K. Maafushi. By establishing Mobile Spay and Neuter Services for all islands, we can tackle the problem in the whole country.

We need your help

We cannot do this without you!

  • If you come from abroad - Europe, India, USA - please take a look at the Wish Lists of items that you can bring along. 
  • For direct contributions, please check out how you can financially support us. 
  • Potential larger Sponsors: Please send us an email - we do have large advertising spaces waiting for you!