Donate money

  • Options for Maldivians: Please donate MVR into the #MaldivesStreetCatFund!

Account #7730000547882
Account name: Zoophilist Society of Maldives

  • Options for Expats: You can also donate USD into the #MaldivesStreetCatFund!

  Account #7730000547883
  Account name: Zoophilist Society of Maldives

  • GoFundMe (payable by credit card and you do NOT have to send a donation to their website!)
  • or via Paypal - find us via or @CatsMaldives (and make sure to "donate to family & friends)
  • or via TransferWise (Wise):
  • Those who want to donate via IBAN (Europe), please contact me!

Donate goods
For our Spay and Neuter Clinic, we have a long wish list for goods that we need to use in relation to catching cats and performing surgeries.

Please take a look at our WISH LIST here!

Adopt responsibly


Stray cats under medical treatment need foster parents; please consider fostering, especially if you don't have a pet yet!

Vet visits: You can volunteer by taking an injured pet to the vet, if the foster is unable to.

Offer a cat carrier rental service!

Wound treatment and medicine administration (especially spot-on application) can sometimes be done on the road - please volunteer to reduce the suffering on the roads!

Feed stray cats and provide clean water daily!

Offer Rain Shelter Houses to street cats!


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