Crocodiles in Maldives?

Surely you know everything about the "mega-fauna" of the Maldives - Sharks & Whalesharks, Dolphins & Baleen Whales, Sea turtles and Manta Rays. But Crocodiles in Maldives?

Well, crocodiles aren't actually living in the Maldives, but the north-easterly winds sometimes bring them to the Maldives. The saltwater crocodile is known from India, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Salomon Islands and North Australia. It usually inhabits mangroves, estuaries and brackish inlets, but also swims out into the sea. Apparently, like a surfer catching a wave, these goliaths can ride currents on the ocean surface to cross large areas of open sea, researchers now reveal in this article. They end up here, confused and hungry, and definitely exhausted from their long journey. 

The Saltwater or Estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is a ferocious giant that can grow at least 23 feet long (7 meters) and weigh more than 2,200 pounds (1000 kilograms). These scaly monsters have been known to devour sharks, and even attack things they can't eat, often assaulting boats in the mistaken belief they are rivals or prey, biting down with nearly 2 tons of pressure — powerful enough to crush bone or punch through aluminum hulls.

One famous saltwater crocodile was the "Kin'boo" living in an enclosure in "Kudakudhinge Bageecha" in Male' for 18 long years. He was often visited by curious people who wanted to see the dangerous reptile. The water in the cage barely covered its belly as it laid flat inside, its powerful tail curled up to fit inside the 15x10 ft cage.
In 2010, children from Billabong High school embarked on a mission to save the Kinboo and there were talks to send it off to a zoo or wildlife park abroad. But nothing worked out.
In May 2015, the "kinboo" was shot dead on order of the then-President Abdulla Yameen. According to the news, he believed that the crocodile was involved in Black Magic. South-Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof has said that he had requested the parliament to investigate the killing of the crocodile at the children’s park but that the defense minister had refused to cooperate.

Since then, most of the sightings of Saltwater Crocodiles in Maldives were reported in 2015:

February 2015: 

MNDF lost control over a crocodile caught in HA. Hoarafushi. The article has been removed! 

January 2018: 

Article "Crocodile spotted in Th Olhugiri" - size could not be confirmed

2019: Maldives has joined the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals! Under this, such species must not be harmed.

February 2020: 

Article  "Dead crocodile washes ashore in Vaikaradhoo" - 3 ft long

March 2020: 

Crocodile found in Rasdhoo, Maldives

April 2020: 2 crocodiles sighted in GA. Kondey lagoon, Maldives

April 2020: 6ft crocodile, video available here.

13th January 2023: Crocodile swimming in the lagoon of the developing Mandarin Oriental DAMAC Resort, Maldives - got caught and reportedly released

21st January 2023: Crocodile found again in the Maldives. Tape put all around its nostrils, and "released 45 nm off HA. Hoarafushi"